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Roy & Associates, PC

Tax Services

Estate Tax Planning

We employ tax professionals with the necessary education, training and exposure to ongoing interpretation of the ever-changing estate tax situation that utilize their expertise and experience in this area to assist our clients in minimizing the impact of estate and inheritance taxes on the assets they have accumulated during their lifetimes.

Estate Tax Returns

We have considerable experience in the preparation of federal estate tax returns for estate executors, administrators and attorneys. We provide assistance to such individuals with the requirements of state inheritance tax returns, as well.

Gifting & Gift Taxes

Not only are estate taxes assessed at death, but gift taxes are assessed on the value of assets given away prior to death. We are available to assist in developing an appropriate plan to determine when and how gifting may be beneficial and we are available to prepare the necessary gift tax returns as well.

Income Tax Planning

Because the federal, state and local taxing authorities require taxes to be paid at least quarterly during the year, it is often imperative to recalculate estimated tax obligations during the tax year in order to meet the estimated tax requirements. We often perform preliminary tax analysis of tax obligations for our clients just prior to the end of the year in order to make the necessary adjustments that, if not made, would result in clients incurring penalties for underpayment of estimated tax liabilities.

Income Tax Returns

One of the major services we provide is the preparation of income tax returns for businesses, fiduciary entities and individuals. Not only are individuals, estates, trusts and corporations required to file income tax returns, but nonprofit organizations are required to file informational tax returns annually. Under certain circumstances, nonprofit organizations are assessed excise taxes as well as income taxes on unrelated business income. Such tax compliance service is provided annually to nearly all of our clients for federal, state and local taxes, and quarterly to many of our clients for estimated tax filings.

IRS Representation

Tax returns are subject to review by the taxing authorities. We are available to represent our clients before the IRS or other taxing authorities during an examination or in an appeal of the results of an examination. We have experienced personnel with the requisite knowledge to provide such services and to research any tax issue which may be raised by the examining agent during the audit in order to present appropriate arguments in support of the position of our clients in such matters.

Multi-State Taxation

Business today has become national and international in scope, raising many issues pertinent to the right of states other than the state of residence of a business to assess taxes. Our experienced personnel can provide assistance in the ever-increasing problems that result from expanded sales and services in today’s global economy.

Non-Profit Tax Returns

Non-profit organizations must file informational returns annually, and our extensive experience in providing services to non-profit organizations provides us the background to expertly complete those returns, as well as to provide assistance relative to registration of non-profit organizations with the Commission on Charitable Organizations of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Sales & Use Tax

Most businesses today are responsible for collecting and submitting sales tax, sometimes to multiple states. Many businesses are also subject to paying use tax on merchandise received from out-of-state sources without paying sales tax, or for merchandise removed from inventory for internal consumption, rather than re-sale. Sales tax regulations in Pennsylvania are quite difficult to interpret. We provide assistance not only in compiling information and preparation of sales tax returns for some of our clients, but in assisting clients with the proper interpretation of the sales tax regulations.

Trust Tax Returns

Fiduciary income tax returns must be filed annually by trusts. In some circumstances, the taxable income is passed through to beneficiaries and in other circumstances it is paid by the trust. We prepare many federal and state fiduciary income tax returns for estates and trusts each year.