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Roy & Associates, PC

Consulting Services

Acquisition & Divestiture

Many transitional services are required when a business is being either acquired or disposed of, including valuation services, proper recording of transactional information, tax planning, tax compliance, and due diligence relative to asset and liability verifications. We have experience in these areas.

Business Continuation

It is important to all businesses to have a plan in place for the continuation of the business as a going concern without regard to the death, incapacitation or retirement of its founders, owners or active management personnel. Such a plan needs to consider putting in place competent personnel, buy-sell arrangements, transitional planning, potential taxable consequences and funding for the transfer of ownership. We often consult in this area.

Business Valuations

Quite often valuations are needed to fix a price for an offer to acquire or sell a business, or for purposes of business planning, financing, buy-sell agreement compliance, estate and gift tax or inheritance tax return reporting. We have  experience in preparing such valuations.

Elder Financial Oversight

Advances in health care has resulted in a greater segment of our population having aged beyond the time where they can adequately manage prompt and accurate financial management of their affairs. We can help by providing financial oversight and guidance in regular meetings held to provide assistance regarding such matters on behalf of elderly clients.

Entity Selection

There are many choices of entity available for organizations today. There are numerous types of non-profit organizations. Businesses can choose between proprietorships, general partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, corporations and S-Corporations. Not only can we provide assistance relative to understanding the differences between these alternatives and the selection of the appropriate entity choice for each circumstance, but we can assist in the initiation of applications and procedures that need to be processed to finalize the creation and registration of such entities.

Merger & Acquisition

There are many tax implications that arise in mergers and acquisitions. There is much due diligence to perform. Compatibility of customers, pricing, operational policy, business tactics, and resulting cash flow considerations should be examined before finalizing a new merger or acquisition. We can assist our clients in the performance of this due diligence.

Personnel Selection

We have often assisted our clients in the qualification of new accounting personnel by testing and interviewing candidates during the screening process. We have established tests and procedures to measure the knowledge, skills and aptitude of candidates for accounting positions that can aid in making very important decisions regarding finding the right personnel.

Personnel Training

We are called upon to train clients or client staff in bookkeeping procedures and software applications and have done so successfully many times. We can be a resource to the small business that experiences turnover of accounting personnel without having internal resources to provide the necessary training or initial oversight to replacements.

Refinancing Analysis

An analysis of the capacity to refinance a transaction or asset can be affected by many factors, such as appreciation, interest rate, cash flow, equity, borrowing capacity, debt covenants, and guarantees, to name a few. We assist clients to determine if and when refinancing makes sense.

Securing Financing

Often times, securing financing is a function of knowing what data needs to be compiled and analyzed and how to present it. We have experience in helping our clients secure financing and preparing the necessary presentations.